From the recording Do You Hear?


Look at me. I’m an idiot complete
Although I’ve found a good friend, it’s bittersweet Don’t you know I’m hanging by a thread
The one that goes between my heart and in my head
Here I go again
I’ve fallen off the ladder
But you know it doesn’t matter anymore Well I would give it all
Yeah I’d give you all my treasure
If that was all I had to sacrifice Wouldn’t it be nice
You and I were happy for a while
Now I can’t even hold you close or make you smile Don’t you see? It’s the same recurring dream
It always seems to end before the final scene
And now I’m standing here
With the faith of a beginner
The conscience of a sinner and a creep
If you could show me how to keep myself together When everybody wants to take a slice
Wouldn’t it be nice
Wouldn’t it be nice
If we took a few more chances
Stole a few more glances now and then And wouldn’t it be nice
If it wasn’t complicated
And I never saw the hurt deep in your eyes Wouldn’t it be nice
Wouldn’t it be nice
Wouldn’t it be nice