One Liners

Martin Shears

This collection of songs has been years in the making. It spans not only time, but people, relationships, the human condition, my personal condition, love, faith, pain, aspiration, despair, joy, and so many other experiences that force one to look within for meaning and thereby drive a cathartic need to write lyrics & melodies. I am grateful for these experiences and to those whose shared them with me.

The Thank-yous

So much love and thanks to my wife Gogo and our children Mojo and Adrian for your unwavering love, support, patience, and inspiration. Thanks to Ike Marr, my counterpart in Ike & Martin, for your friendship and sharing a stage with me all these years. Thanks to The Scones alumni Gary Bruzzese, Ronnie Winters, and Jeff Owens, for your musicianship, fellowship, friendship, and funny shit. Thanks to Les Scott and Andy Kern for your contribution and expertise. Thanks to Andy Barrett for your mentorship. Thanks to David Lawrie for helping me finally finish this record. Thanks to Andy Wilson for the bang up mastering job. And a great big thanks to you for listening, coming to shows, connecting, loving music, and being the best fucking fans and friends in the world. I love and appreciate you all.

This record is dedicated to my Mother & Father Jean & Bill Martin.
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    She 3:44
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    Climb 3:50
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Do You Hear?

The Scones

Martin Shears was the singer/songwriter for the The Scones (1994-2008). "Do You Hear?" was the band's only studio release and contains 10 critically acclaimed songs that were aptly described as modern classics. It's yours for free when you sign up for the Martin's Minions email list.

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News & Shows

New Album Available Now 

Just released my new solo album "One-Liners" available now on CD, download, and streaming. Follow this link to check it out.

Also, my former band, The Scones 1999 album "Do You Hear?" is available to download right here on this site.  Check it out in the music section.  

Martin Shears Musical Sunday Brunch

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Facebook Live

Grab some yummy food, mimosas or bloody mary and join me for Sunday Brunch. I'll play songs from my new album One-Liners and some old Scones faves too. Requests are welcome. Let's make it a party!